Privacy Policy

All the information provided by you, would be used in accordance to respective laws.
The information / data provided by you shall not be shared with any external organization or for any other commercial usage without your written consent. It would be however available to all the divisions / sister concerns / ventures of
In order to facilitate the utilization of the services and maintain the continuity of a visit & help navigation on the site, we make use of temporary cookies.
Updating / modification / deletion of your data / information would be done on your written request only.

Refund Policy

Payment is not refundable to any of the selected services and no claim for refund will be made. As we keep high contact with our customers on and complete the process with their approval, there is no provision for any kind of full or partial refund in this way. Once ordered, it can not be canceled because it is sent immediately for processing. Your personal preferences can not be changed over time, there is no reason to withdraw or withdraw the fees. If, in a special case, decides to return any amount under the special consideration, the services will be stalled. If decides to provide code / site / templates according to the base, then this site will assign hosting hours 48 hours to shift. Service provider or transfer to you (if you decide, though we strongly recommend that you go with a professional service provider). The company will not provide content through any other media like CD, pen drive, movable drive etc. to avoid unwanted complications and technical problems. On the provision of this information, you will be fully responsible for the contents of the sites provided along with the information of the entry as well as the immediate effect. After this handover will not struggle to provide any support or entertain questions.

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